Dr. Rika Furukawa
General & Cosmetic Dentistry
Practice Philosophy

I strongly believe in preventive dental care so that you can keep your teeth for your entire lifetime. For me, preventing dental disease is as important as treating it.

Secondly, I practice a style of comprehensive dental care which I call 'co-therapy'. In this approach I will present you, whenever possible, with a range of treatment options, depending on your needs and circumstances at that particular moment. Once I have acquainted you with the pros and cons of each option, you can decide which is most appropriate for you. While the decision is ultimately yours, I will however protect you from making uninformed decisions, such as placing beautiful cosmetic work on unhealthy oral conditions where your investment would be quickly lost. I will treat you, as I would want any member of my own family to be treated by their healthcare professionals.

Finally, we will respect your time by ensuring that you do not experience excessive waits in the reception room.